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Whitharral's Heritage

School History

Whitharral has its origin after Littlefield ranchlands were sold for farms in 1924. The town of Whitharral got its name from early settler Dr. Whitfield Harral. ("Whit"), who established the town in December of 1924. The Rodgers family donated land for a school and a cemetery. Lee Crownover opened a store in 1925; and within a year a gin, a garage, and three churches were established.

Whitharral ISD began as a one-room school with six children on January 12, 1925. Lula Langford was the first teacher. A high school was built two years later. A literary society was organized in 1928 and raised money for a library and baseball equipment. From its very beginning, the Whitharral community played an integral role in the success of our school as it still does today.