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Special Education

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South Plains Educational Coop Operating Procedures


Local Board Policies and the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process constitute “policies and procedures” for purposes of satisfying 34 CFR 300.201. The South Plains Education Coop will follow these policies and procedures to ensure IDEA and its accompanying federal regulations. State statutes and regulations are implemented for each qualifying student with a disability.

The special education programs in the South Plains Educational Coop operate under each member district’s local district board policies and the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process. The operating procedures manual is to clarify and support local district policy, State Board of Education and Commissioner’s Rules for Special Education Services, and 34 Code of Federal Regulations (individuals with Disabilities Education Act) IDEA 2004-Part 300-final revised regulations dated August 14, 2006.

The local SPECO Management Board approved policy procedure may also be found in the office of the superintendent, the administrative office of each campus, and the SPECO office. This manual is revised when State, Local, and Federal revisions occur. Please call the South Plains Educational Coop (SPECO) for the most current information (806) 894-6858.

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