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Pre-K Information

Whitharral ISD is excited to announce the school has added a Pre-K program!  In this section, you will find the handbook and the application.  As the information is developed it will be posted in this section.  

A few words about prekindergarten

Prekindergarten is more than simply a doorway into your child’s formal education experience. Research shows that high-quality prekindergarten increases a child’s chances of seceding in school and in life. Children who attend high-quality pre-K programs are less likely to be held back, less likely to need special education and more likely to graduate high school.  At Whitharral ISD, we will offer high-quality prekindergarten that is “developmentally appropriate” meaning it respects the age and individual needs of each child. Our caring and responsive prekindergarten teacher work to create a welcoming environment for both parents and children that allows learning to flourish. Peer into a pre-K classroom and it may look like all fun and games. However, there’s an intense amount of brainwork going on. For example, your child’s building blocks aren’t just entertaining; they’re teaching problem solving and physics. This meaningful playing and learning take place throughout the school day. Whether school-based or located at one of our community-based partners,  pre-K classroom follow the same basic curriculum that provides a combination of both structure and flexibility. The structure takes the form of helping your child develop a routine and good learning habits. At the same time, your child is given the opportunity to investigate new things and make choices about the activities he or she want to take part in. Finally, we recognize the role parents play as teachers and advocates before and after their children begin attending school. We look forward to working with you to give your child a solid foundation for school success.